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Textless icons from pretty much EVERY fandom
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This journal is for myself, writish303, to post graphics and such. I'll probably post mostly my fandoms which include Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, and many more.

I don't ask much. Just that you comment, credit, and DON'T STEAL BANDWIDTH.. If I see my icons or graphics somewhere un-credited, I won't freak out. I'll probably just ask nicely. At this time if you still refuse to credit, then I will become openly bitchy and that's no fun. So play nice ^_~

I do take requests. You can either give me your requests here at my journal, or e-mail to me. Please provide a picture (preferrably a clear one), and what you want done to it. I can't do animation because I was robbed of that software. Sorry about that.

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