Jill (writish303) wrote in writish_icons,

Small post

Just 20 this time.

11 GOF Serious Icons
5 GOF Comedic Icons
2 Phantom of the Opera
1 Emma Watson
1 Katie Leung


GOF Serious Icons:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 
7. 8. 9. 10. 11.


GOF Comedic Icons:

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 


Phantom of the Opera:

17. 18.


Emma Watson:



Katie Leung:



Comment/Credit/No Hotlinking. :-D Thanks.

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I took some of your really nice harry potter icons and will credit!
took #11 thanks
13 is lovely.

hilarious <3
snagging #1! it's absolutely amazing! :-D
These are lovely. Taken 6 and 8. Will credit. Thanks :-)
Can I ask what the text says on #6?


11 years ago

Deleted comment

#8 is awesome. will credit! <3
great icons ;-)
taking some. they're awesome Ü
I absolutely LOVE 9! I LOVE the look on her face there.
Nice! Took 11! Thanks!
I've been waiting for someone to make an icon out of the cap for #2. :D
Snagging 8 as well.

Deleted comment

I love 8, 19, and 20. All of them are gorgeous. Can I ask where you got the GOF caps, cause they look really good.
I think from a post at hp_graphics but I'm not sure
Love numbers 7,10 and 11, they're great!
I love 13! That is my favorite line in the movie! I too want to know where you got the caps. They are all so lovely!
I'm bad with my resources cause I find them all over the place and end up forgetting, bad Jilly, but I think I got them from a post on hp_graphics?


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

10,12,13,15 and 18 are my favorites. Well done!
Heehee. #15 is great
Will credit if I use. ^^
omg! ilove #13..therefore im taking/crediting! oh how i love neville!!
Sangged 8... so lovely. Thanks! Will cred!
Number eight. ♥ So pretty.
Snagging 13 - will credit!
awesome, as always ^_^
question: what is Ron holding in 15, anyway? xD

no idea lol
I didn't take any, but I will bow to your talent.
*does so* ^_^
Snaged ## 3 and 8. #3 is soo sad. i want to cry. I thought the #8 scene was really sad too...i dunno why though...it was just really touching
Took 3 and 13. Wonderful. 3 makes me cry. Of course I will credit.


11 years ago

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