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Tutorial for PSP9



How to get the smooth skin/bright eyes look.

Like in this icon:



1. Start out with the picture. High resolution pictures work best. Crop it how you like it and then sharpen it once.


2. Duplicate the background layer 4 times. Set the top 2 layers to soft light and the bottem 2 layers to screen. Change the top soft light layers opacity to 67, and the top screen layers opacity to 45.

The opacity doesn't have to be EXACTLY like that. Sometimes I change it around depending on the lighting in the picture I'm using.

Your icon should look like this 


3. Merge your layers. Go to Adjust>Automatic Contrast Enhancement. Change the settings to darker, mild, bold.

Press okay. The icon should now look something like this:

4. Now it's time to soften the skin. On the side toolbar click on the soften brush. Set the opacity of the brush to 100. Soften any skin that is in the icon. But be careful not to soften too much. If you soften all of the natural lines of the face away, it makes it look like a blur. So how you soften will depend on the picture.

5. Now we'll sharpen the eyes. Switch the brush to sharpen now, and bring the opacity of the brush down to 45. Sharpen the eye but not too much. If you sharpen some of the skin around the eye too much sometimes it tends to turn red, which doesn't look too good in the end. You'll want to make it look somewhat realistic.

6. Duplicate your background layer. Go to Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Colorize. Change both settings to zero before clicking okay.

7. Change the opacity of the second layer to 17, and set it on burn.

8. Here we add a gradient. I add a layer of this yellowish gray color, #cdc89f    Set it on multiply and change the opacity to 77. (this varies)

9. Add this border      and set it to multiply.


10. Normally I would stop there. But sometimes if I think the icon needs it, I select the color gradient and get the eraser and erase around the eyes so that they shine brighter.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you're done. YAY! Comment pretty please with Dom on top (YAH BABY). Credit would be greatly appreciated when used!

Don't forgot to friend my icon journal, writish_icons so you'll know when I update with more tutorials and icons!

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